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Welcome To Noble Smile

NSDC is a high standard of care oriented practice. Our team consist of dentists and nurses with American,British and International education to provide our patients with the upmost care utilizing the latest dental technologies. Our multi-disciplinary team approach makes NSDC unique in providing comprehensive dental, cosmetic and maxillofacial care.

Noble Smile Dental Care Clinic was established in January 2008. It started with one clinic that operate in different dental specialties. NSDC now has three full time dentist with four dental assistants that work in three dental clinics. We are very proud of our relaxed and comfortable dental care centre which immediately relaxes our patients, giving them that ‘feel at home’ ambience.

Our team consists of dentists and nurses with American, British and international education and training to provide our patients with upmost care utilizing the latest technology and techniques. NSDC provide all dental specialties services that includes: Implant dentistry, Crowns, Bridges, Geriatric dentistry, Dentistry for Children, Cosmetic dentistry, Sport dentistry, Dental Hygiene, Laser Dentistry, Orthodontics and Root canal treatments.

At Noble Smile, We have special dental programs for pregnant women and some treatment procedures are done under Nitrous Sedation. Our dental hygienist is a registered dental hygienist in the United Kingdom. Noble Smile Dental Care Implemented a very good follow up protocol for all patients which makes our dental practice stand at higher level, is that we care about the dental related issues as whole and we try to treat it completely with different dental specialties available in our practice.

Ahmed Al. Ibrahim

General Manager Noble Smile Dental Care
Our history

For many years, Noble Smile Dental Care Clinics a globally respected  dental and oral health organization  – and Saudi Arabia – one of the world’s largest  growing markets in the world in our respective filed. 
Noble Smile Dental Care  has been a leader in the provision of high quality dental and oral health services in the region and has effectively participated in inspiring improvements with our patients mind. We purposefully work on, and prioritize, attracting highly qualified professionals that live up to high international standards as well as our own. 
           We always secure state-of-the-art equipment and make sure that our dental practice consistently meet international standards for the reliable effective treatment of our patients. 
             As well as offering a comprehensive range of  services at our  clinics, we are dedicated to overcoming the health challenges faced by the communities we serve, organizing regular outreach events to encourage more beneficial lifestyle choices.
             The recognition of our dental clinics by the Switzerlands  based slow dentistry group as the first in the region, act as further proof of achievements that make us proud. As  internationally accredited dental practice , we are ambitiously driven to remain on this path and will continue our dedication and commitment to excellence in maintaining high quality dental and oral health care for the people of this region.
             We now look forward to the next stage of our journey. Inspired by our combined commitment to grow and learn, we are confident that NSDC will continue to deliver outstanding dental and oral healthcare for many generations to come. 


Dr. Mohammad Altwijry

Administrative Manager
Cutting edge Technology

At NSDC we use Computerised information system for the complete privacy of our patients’ health records. This is integrated with digitalized x-ray system that facilitates worldwide dental consultation. Patients are involved in the work plan and progress monitoring of their dental care .


Noble Smile Dental Care got the accreditation by the Health unit at the American Embassy Riyadh in February 2010. Noble Smile Dental Care was accredited by SOS-Tri Care health insurance companies. On March 2010.

Patients Profile :

Cultural Mix- Expatriates from different parts of the world. We are also involved with a number of diplomats at different Embassies within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Special Programs and Special Rates

At Noble Smile we continually offer special rates in a range of our treatments and services.

We also have special discount packages for families and have a special discount program for the American Embassy in Riyadh , American Business Group at Riyadh , German Business (AHK) Group and for the Riyadh Group of British Business (RGBB).


At Noble Smile Dental Care we accept all methods of payments Cash – Cheques – Debit Cards -Credit Cards (Visa and Master Card) NSDC OFFER PAYMENT PLANS FOR COMPRHENSIVE TREATMENT PROCEDURS SPEIALLY WITH IMPLANT DENTISTRY